At Conscious Legacy Coaching (CLC), we believe that family, and family-business relationships can be joyful, trusting, and relatively non-conflictual. No one, especially a high performing individual, starts a family, or a family business, believing that relationships with family members are going to become painful, disappointing, or high-conflict. At the very least relationships can be polite, neutral and peacefully co-existing.

CLC helps families just like yours get to a positive state through a combination of individual and family coaching. When desired, we also work hand-in-hand with your advisors to help you make the best choices you can make. When you don’t have the right people in your life, we help you find the best-of-the-best. The choices you make create your Life legacy. Consciously Live The Life You Want And Leave The Legacy You Choose – in your professional, in your family, and in your personal life.

Your Compatibility Check

If you say yes to any of the following questions, CLC might be the company for you:

  • Would better communication, trust and understanding improve family and/or work relationships?
  • Do you worry that your children will squander an inheritance?
  • Are ‘sibling rivalries’ negatively impacting family and/or business relationships; do you worry that your children will not be able to work together as a family when you are gone?
  • Could you be making better choices for yourself, your family or your family business?
  • Do you have family, or family business, issues that simply drive you crazy?
  • Does the stress from your ‘family business’ ever impact your family life?
  • Are you looking for vehicles to teach your children social responsibility, or to find your own passion for philanthropy?
  • Do you have ‘in-law,’ ‘out-law’ and/or ‘next-generation’ family business concerns?

Did You Know?

  • Family business failure (occurring in 70% of family businesses at time of first generation transfer) is defined as: involuntary loss of control of family assets or/or family members no longer speaking to one another.
  • Family business failure has been attributed to: (60%) breakdown of communication and trust within the family; (25%) failure to prepare heirs for required roles and accountability; (15%) other – legal, accounting, missions, economy etc.
  • At times of transition, a lack of succession planning will invite corporate raiders and private equity firms to take advantage and drive down the purchase price, destroying the hard-earned wealth of the families involved.
  • Philanthropy is one of the most effective tools to transfer family values and to learn the mechanisms to solve problems that can easily be transferred to other areas of family and or family business life.
  • Successors rarely receive objective, unemotional feedback. 
  • Open, honnest, positive and consistent comunication has been demonstrated to be a crucial element in establishing and maintaining strong family and organizational relationships.
  • A huge proportion of famly companies have protected addicts in them (e.g.: drug, alcohol, body dysmorphia, workaholics, sex addicts, shopaholics, gambling).