CLC believes that you got to where you are by constantly striving to be and to do your best. We believe that no matter how good you are, everyone has the capacity to be even better. We want to be the coach to help you reach your next step.

CLC works with high performance executives like you to help clear the path to maximize your potential and to help you realize your goals, your purpose, and your vision…your Corporate Legacy.

Your Compatibility Check

If you say yes to any of the following questions, CLC might be the company for you:

  • Do you need assistance ‘getting out of the weeds’, more effectively delegating workload, leading your high performance team or finding more time in your day?
  • Do you require a more strategic or enterprise world-view (or language) as you enter more senior meetings, or the board table?
  • Do you need that last bit of polish on your executive presence before you can be bumped up the corporate ladder?
  • Could you benefit from more effective strategies to manage stress?
  • Do you wonder ‘what’s next?’ or worry that retirement may be overrated?
  • Are you looking for ways to improve your personal life, your work life, or the balance between the two?

Did You Know?

  • Coaching can help strengthen Emotional Intelligence, especially competencies related to executive presence, communication and conflict management.
  • Two-thirds of firms are asking managers to take on a greater share of communication responsibility without giving them the tools or the training to be effective.
  • Faulty integration of a senior executive can cost a company 10-20 times the executive salary in opportunity costs. Coaching can help identify, train and mitigate candidate risks.
  • Coaching maximizes the effectiveness of other training and development initiatives. (E.g.: when coaching is combined with training there is an 88% increase in productivity compared to a 22% increase with training alone).
  • Coaching produces almost 6X the ROI of program cost in Fortune 100 Executives.