At Conscious Legacy Coaching (CLC) we believe families should rise to their highest possible level, not sink to their lowest one. We also believe time is a scarce resource. Anything that takes you out of your office or personal time needs to be worth the time and aggravation of the proverbial “in-box” build up waiting for your return.

CLC helps families to achieve great things though our practical and skill-based Learning Workshops & Retreats.  Each Circumstance & Performance program is developed to enable trust, generate insight, recognize and transform self-limiting behaviors, improve interpersonal and competency skills, create an embedded learning experience, and identify and help institutionalize best practices for YOUR family. All our family Learning Workshop & Retreat experiences are grounded in theory and are specifically designed for your family. Among the programs we have created for other families are: 


•    The 5 monkeys problem: How to Rebuild Trust

•    Family DNA: The code for Success

•    Leadership and Succession: Passing the Torch with Comfort & Ease

•    Strategic Planning & Family Building: Successful “BIZ-ified” Families

•    Listening for Better Results & Relationships

•    Speaking to be Heard for Better Results & Relationships

•    The Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Communication

•    Stewardship of Wealth - Sharing Fair: Where is the Money Going?    

•    Passion, Purpose & Meaning 

•    The Value of Your Values

•    Getting Out of Your Own Way

•    Managing Fear & Procrastination

•    Transitions: What do I Want to be When I Grow Up?

•    Managing the Emotional Ups and Downs of a Family Business

•    Speaking to be Heard & Listening for Better Results & Relationships

•    The Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Communication

•    Eldercare 101


•    Working more effectively with my Family Clients

•    The Do’s and Don’t of Effective Communication

Contact CLC to learn more about our programs and how we can help develop a Learning Workshop, or create the local/exotic Retreat, that makes sense for your family.