High Performance

As a high performance individual you are goal oriented and focused; you seek to provide excellence in learning opportunities so your family can grow and excel. 

Life Balance

As a high performance individual you understand that part of the secret sauce for your extra-ordinary success is single-minded focus. You may struggle with work-life imbalance and the impact of this on you and your family.

Health Related Issues

As a high performance individual you may experience exceptional achievement but also higher health related issues. The high performance individual is statistically more likely to experience burnout, anxiety, depression and injury then is your less driven counterpart. High performance parents will often produce high performance children who are statistically more likely to experience the same issues of burnout, anxiety, depressoin and injury then are their less driven counterparts.


As a high performance individual you operate in a rarified field. You (and your family members) may feel you have fewer people to talk with who can understand and relate to your unique experiences, challenges, pressures and success.

Shining Stars

As a high performance individual you will be sought out for numerous and complex reasons. You (and your family members) may experience befriending and courtship by others who want your connections, status, perks and reflected glory. You (and/or your family members) may not always sure whom you can trust or openly talk with.

Fallen Angels

As a high performance individual you may have a child who feels lost or like s/he will always be walking in your long and successful shadow. In light of this perceived pressure your child may consiously or unconsciously decide not to be a high performer. This might cause disappointment or relational stress. 

Income bracket

High performance individuals have higher incomes. As a high performer you may experience the complications money may bring to your personal and family life (as well as the exacerbating impact of sudden inherited wealth).


High performance individuals leave legacies. As a high performer, you must choose what kind of legacy (positive/negative, intended/ unintended) you want to create, live and leave in your personal and family life.


High performance individuals know what is important to them. Helping family members identify and live their values, understanding how to deal with competing values, and knowing what to say yes and what to say no to are critical skills which would benefit your family members.

What’s Next?

High performance individuals have high status roles. As a high performer you may experience challenges transitioning out of your roles. This change may force you to confront who you are in the absence of your job.

Transferable Skills

High performance individuals have transferable skill sets. As a high performer you have many skills including commitment and drive to excellence, team dynamics,  understanding of roles, and a strategic or holistic orientation. The high performance individual often underestimate the transferability of your skill sets and overestimate the difficulty of changing career direction (particularly in the first career transition).

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