At Conscious Legacy Coaching (CLC), we believe that families and high performance individuals seek continuous improvement. We believe that sustained change is possible. We believe that you shouldn't have to ‘settle’ for a sub-par status quo in your family circumstance or anywhere else in your life. We believe that you have the abiity to adapt and thrive in changing circumstance. We believe that empowerment happens quickly. We also believe that you can learn from the past but at a fundamental level sustained change is based in the present; it does not necessitate spending 5 years talking about your ‘parent’ or childhood issues. 

Our expert knowledge

The expert knowledge CLC has in the fields of trust and communication are used as the foundation of Circumstance & Performance Coaching to help you minimize disruption that a changing circumstance may have on your family, your personal or your prefessional life. Our expert knoweldge enables you to consciously identify your circumstance and to choose the pragmatic tools and relatively simple actions necessary to achieve your goals. As our client, you will effectively and consciously create a future vision to live into, and to execute. You will live the legacy you want to leave – as a leader, as a family member and in all areas of your personal life. 

Circumstance & Performance Coaching help address issues like: 

Improving trust; building and strengthening your family relationships; recognizing and transforming self-limiting behaviors; speaking to be heard and listening for better results; the stewardship of wealth; thinking more strategically and creatively; enhancing abilities to make and execute informed decisions; family DNA - the code to your success; passion, purpose and meaning; leadership and succession - passing the torch with comfort and ease; coping with the complexities of increased financial realities; eldercare 101; transitions - what do I want to be when I grow up; managing loneliness, success and the emotional ups and downs of a family business.