Wendy Desmarteaux
Senior Vice-President Transformation and Interim Head of Digital Operations, Postmedia Network

Julie is a bright, dynamic and insightful professional who’s coaching and support have become invaluable assets to me on both a professional and personal level. Julie has exceptional interpersonal skills and is an outstanding communicator with an extraordinary aptitude to listen, interpret and reflect back in a positive, supportive and nurturing way. She challenges both the conventional and unconventional wisdom with equal relish. She has the insight to ask intuitive, probing and powerful questions and an enormous capacity to gather, digest and synthesize information.

Julie comes at issues without preconceptions and gets to the heart of the matter quickly. She approaches the issues with a deliberate, fact-based and creative thought processes. Julie has broad-ranging experience and has an incredible ability to guide one to recognize the issues; challenge one on the areas that need to be addressed; and counsels (by offering advice, opinions and suggestions) one to identify the choices and implement actions to get beyond the barriers that are holding them back.

Julie has provided me with the tools and understanding that have helped me to create a new mindset, broaden my perspective, and enhance my skills and behaviours. This has resulted in me becoming a better leader and a better person.

Adam Shoff 
A. Shoff Develpment   

Dr. Morton is truly one of kind in that she can offer motherly advice with the intelligence and backing of a PhD. in Communications. Her ability to explain complex theories and thoughts with ease is what makes her easily the best mental coach I have met and worked with. Her focus on being able to transfer skills from sport to life has been hugely helpful in my life as I have transitioned from an athlete to a business owner and coach.                                                                              

Linda Rummell (nee Ryall)
Director, Digital Delivery Network, Canada Post

It has been my pleasure to work with and get to know Julie in her capacity as a leadership coach, mentor and business leader. There is no one like her; she is calming and motivating, passionate and understanding, brilliant and simple. Her ability to focus the light on the right issue is an example of her brilliant mind, her ability to work through to solution is her gift. She truly is someone I will continue to seek out again and again.

Lisa Melo
RBC: Sr HR Business Partner, Canadian Banking – Sales

I had great expectations for our partnership, and you met them each and every time. I appreciated setting goals with you and being held accountable to those goals. You were very good at stretching my thinking, and helping me to question my priorities, strengths and opportunities for improvement, which ultimately led me to establish an action plan with measurable results.

Anton Thul
Agent, MFIVE Sports Management Team

Our clients are very young, are filled with stresses of many kinds, are endowed with significant wealth at a young age and more often than not are without the tools and skills necessary to handle all of these things in tough times. Unfortunately that leads to a lot of issues, including dependency on alcohol and drugs, marital issues, that require professional assistance.

What I see in Julie is a skill set that deals with coping issues, trust issues and an ability to develop and institute techniques to reduce conflict. I believe that Julie's firm may be a resource to these young men and their significant others providing them with coping skills among others that may enhance their both their careers and perhaps more importantly their day to day lives with their families. My recommendation, if you have the time, would be for you to meet Julie over lunch. While the tools are important, I believe the personal approach to delivering the tools is equally important and I believe Julie's personality and professionalism greatly enhances the prospect of success.

Darin Graham
Orion: President and CEO

Julie took on a challenging coaching initiative at ORION and provided us with exactly what we needed. Part of the program was Julie working directly with me as President & CEO of ORION. She provided excellent guidance to me to assist with the change management faced by the staff. Although I had done several successful organizational transitions, she provided well-placed tidbits of ideas and process structure to help make it easier. Julie took a holistic approach to looking at the whole organization, and not just specific elements. It was a pleasure working with her and ORION has been greatly helped by her knowledge and guidance during a time of significant change. We look forward to working with her again.

Gordon Cressy
President, Canadian Tire Foundation for Families

Julie is bright, articulate, creative and inquisitive. She writes well, has superior analytic skills and drives to deadlines. On top of that she has superb interpersonal skills and a great sense of humor. Julie belongs to that rare breed of people who are both thinkers and doers. We are better for the time she spent with us.

Jill Hooper, Associate Consultant
MICA Learning

Your work was one of the best examples that I’ve seen of a facilitator creating and holding space for each learner to truly relax into a safe environment. The impact was a remarkable willingness to trust you and each other, share and self-examine. I believe you got back exactly what you gave out – head and heart.

Jamie Macdonald
Past COO, Realstar Residential

You are terrific in creating an environment where a group of strangers in similar circumstances reveal and share their experiences, strengths, fears and dreams. For me it was an emotional day with both times of great joy and sadness-WOW. Anyhow thanks so much for an extraordinary day which has made me so much more committed to finding my way.

Sue Van Der Hout
Director, One Vision Consulting Inc.

Julie has a superb understanding of individuals, families, relationships and communication. Her natural warmth and patience encourage trust, creating a willingness by individuals and families to explore and move to resolve the most complicated of family issues.

John DeCecco
VP Sales, Board of Directors, McCormick Canada

Julie’s one-one coaching has been instrumental in my professional and personal transformation to the McCormick Canada Board of Directors. Her situational leadership and career planning have allowed me to accelerate my development to that “higher level” of performance.

Nicole Neff
President-Owner, Bay Builders

I was initially skeptical given some preconceived notions however, you encouraged me to jump in both feet first…you have a unique talent to ask questions that make one assess their whole perspective on their views, values and authenticity. The questions are so pointed, and so perfect, it would leave me ‘digging deep’ not only at the moment but days later. Julie, you are nothing less than amazing and I appreciate the time and exhausting sessions we have shared together.

David P. Setterington, FCA
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario: Chair – Professional Conduct Committee
Vice-Chair of Municipal Property Assessment Corp

Julie has always been well versed with the numerous issues to be dealt with at the [board] meeting and she has shown the ability to analyze the most complex issues. Her knowledge and experience as a mediator and advisor adds a great deal to the tone and outcome of matters before our members. She has never been afraid to question or challenge the group. Her points are well received and respected.

Judith Wiley
Chief Executive Officer, Guida’s Club

The investment of my time to work with Julie Morton paid dividends beyond my wildest expectations, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my colleagues, friends and acquaintances. On a business level, my work with Julie has improved communication with my board of directors and with my staff.

Chris Whitehead
E.I. du Pont Canada Company, Manager – Order Management

Julie is creative and possesses the skill to communicate her ideas and the associated benefits effectively, resulting in full support from the organization and myself. During the 5-month period we contracted with Julie, we have experienced an improvement in how leadership and I approach change, using a more thoughtful and complete way resulting in a more satisfied organization. Julie successfully connected her business experience and change management skills to enable our organization to be more effective. I wholeheartedly recommend Julie Morton as a change management consultant and coach.

John Wall
Senior Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer, Symcor

I have been a big advocate of utilizing a Coach as part of any executive development program. Julie has been great to work with, and has a very open approach to find out what works on an individual basis rather than a prescribed formula.

Sandy Potter, President
SkinHealth Canada

Part of my process was to plan the legacy for my company with an outcome which left all the children feeling happy. After we had discussed all manner of possible scenarios including, what I thought was my most desired outcome, Julie proceeded to consult privately with each of our children. Julie created a forum in which they would be comfortable enough to say exactly what they felt and to present possible solutions that they deemed to be equitable. Julie is approachable and non-threatening, she listens well and hears what you do not know you are saying, that all important underlying message. This coupled with her qualifications, knowledge and experience in Legacy planning makes her most suited to helping me achieve my goals….What a civilized way to come to agreement within a family of leaders.

Jackie Riley
Telus, HR Adviser Wellness

Julie’s manner is captivating, her capacity to engage is remarkable and her genuine concern for her clients is second to none. When seeking a coach, facilitator, or mentor, I highly recommend seeking out the expertise of Julie Morton.

Eileen Fischer, PhD
Anne & Max Tanenbaum Chair in Entrepreneurship and Family Studies
Schulich School of Business, York University

Julie has great command of the material she is delivering and great communication skills. I’d recommend her both as a professional service provider and course instructor. Top qualities: great results, personable, expert.

Line Vermette
Senior HR Advisor/Wellness at TELUS

Julie Morton was assigned to us by Shepell-fgi for a series of 8 webinars that were ultimately heard by over 660 TELUS team members. Julie was professional, engaging and a pleasure to both work with and to listen to. We would be pleased to have the opportunity to work again with Julie.

Craig Fried
Director of Development, Chai Life Line, Canada

I have had the pleasure of Dr. Morton’s coaching over the last several months and it has helped me to be more cognizant of my management style; she has provided me with critical tools and strategies to be a more effective leader. If you desire to be more introspective and a better leader, Dr. Morton can help you achieve your goals.

Jackie Riley
HR Advisor Wellness, Telus

Julie's manner is captivating, her capacity to engage is remarkable and her genuine concern for her clients is second to none. When seeking a coach, facilitator or mentor, I highly recommend seeking out the expertise of Julie Morton!