Trust is an objective measure of the quality of a relationship. When trust has been damaged or broken most people don't know how to fix it. Relationships often go from bad to worse. Circumstance & Performance Coaching has a unique and tested procedure to help your family members learn to systematically repair broken trust. 

Family Fractures

One out fo every three families will experience a 'fracture' where family members temporarily or permanently stop speaking to one another. It is important to note that it is often not the major life events (e.g.: death, debt, disease, divorce, disability, disater, departure or disengagement) that lead to a family fracture. Frequently, it is the accumulation of life's daily stressors (e.g.: work overload, dealdlines, demands and expectations of family) that can be equally as stressful as the major events.  Small issues accumulate and can also break the proverbial camel's back. Circumstance & Performance Coaching can help repair and strengthen your most important relationships, enhances perspective taking ability, expands skills to effectively understand and manage emotions and situations, assists with important or challenging conversations and significantly helps to reduce the perception of stress.

Conflict resolution

Every family has conflict and this only becomes problematic when family members feel they don't have the knowledge, skills or resources to effectively resolve an issue. Frequently, conflict will sit like a large elephant in the room, ignored and not dealt with until it suddenly makes its angry presence known. Circumstance & Performance Coaching helps family members learn to proactively respond to conflict, to take the emotions out of important conversations, to surface hidden assumptions and to spend more time thinking about how other's are seeing, hearing and thinking about the same experience. These important skills enable families work through frustrations and effectively solve conflict before it becomes a problem.  

Increased awareness

Many families have five intersecting systems or roles in the systems: family membership, ownership in a family business/enterprise, working in the family business, wealth management and philanthropic giving. Not every family member is part of each system. You can be a family member but not involved in anything else. You can be a family member who works in the business and has ownership shares. You can be a family member who is deeply involved in a family foundation. You can be an in-law who works in the business but has no ownership...Each set of roles/systems come with specific rights and responsibilities. Circumstance & Performance Coaching helps families to better understand what these rights and responsibilities are, and how each family member is impacted by them. We can also help your family to develop policy and governance structures to assist the family as they navegate their rights and responsibilities. 

Family Education

The Circumstance & Performance Coaching focus is specifically developed for your family. Learning is personalized and made relevant which increases your motivation to learn and adopt change. The one-to-one, or family learning formats, allow families to address a broad range of key issues. When appropriate, CLC has knowledge experts to both rely and and invite to meetings to further education. Additionally, we assist your family as you explore, examine, modify and adopt best in class practices that suit your particular needs, desires and requirements. The end result are families whose members have greater knowledge, competency development, independence and choice.

Improved Decision-Making

As a member of a financial family, you may feel you have very few people with whom you can not only speak safely - but who really understand what you are saying. Our Circumstance & Performance Coaching is used as a protected place to discuss issues, think through ideas and receive objective, expert and transparent feedback.

Better Communication

Families are composed of unique individuals. The ages, desires, circumstances and experiences of different family members can sometimes make working together feel a bit like herding cats. Circumstance & Performance Coaching assists families to better understand the perspectives, assumptions and goals of various members. With greater openness and understanding comes the ability to have more robust conversation and the capability to both support one another's individual goals as well as to create a shared mission to which family members can commit. 

Changing Circumstance

Families need to adapt and excel with changing circumstance. Circumstance & Performance Coaching addresses issues of adjustment, responsibilities, skills, culture, professional/family brand and performance coaching. It builds resilience (the ability to withstand and rebound from disruptive change) by helping you and your family with changes in behavior, thinking and emotions.

If any of these issues sound familiar to you, contact us to see how we can help.